Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Literature Analysis The Alchemist

  • The story revolves around the world of a boy named Santiago, and his quest for a hidden treasure. The inciting incident is when Santiago meets Melchizedek, and Melchizedek tells him about his treasure that awaits him.
  • The central message in this book is following your dreams.
  • The tone of the book is hopeful and reflective. It made feel think about my life more analytically, and made me want to read more to find out what was going to happen next. 


  1. Santiago- is an Andalusian shepherd boy, which has a dream about finding treasure in the Pyramids of Egypt. Coelho uses indirect characterization to describe him because he is the protagonist, and the story revolves around him. The Alchemist- not much is known about this man except that he is 200 years old and he is the owner of the Philosopher’s stone and the Elixir of Life. Coelho uses indirect characterization to describe the alchemist because he plays a big role in the end of the story.
  2. Coelho’s syntax is that he uses a wide variety of sentences and his diction is that he uses mostly simple vocabulary words.
  3. The protagonist (Santiago) can be considered a dynamic character due to the fact on how we see how we see his changes as a person throughout the book.
  4. When I read this book long ago, I felt that I was reading about someone than meeting them.

Literature Analysis Les Misérables

  • The story revolves around ex-convict Jean Valjean and the struggles he faces throughout his life. The inciting incident is when Fantine dies and Jean Valjean goes to jail.
  • I think that the central message of the story is the fight for freedom.
  • The tone of the book is criticism towards society.


  1. Jean Valjean is an ex-convict and has different names that he goes by. Cosette is the daughter of Fantine and lived with the Thénardiers until Valjean saved her.
  2. The diction and syntax of Hugo is early English from the 1800s.
  3. Valjean is considered a round character because we follow his journey and are able to see his thoughts.
  4. When I read this book long ago, I felt like I was reading about the sad tales of people, than actually meeting them.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Masterpiece Academy Essay

Angel Vega Dr.Preston Expository Writing and Composition 6/1/14 Masterpiece Academy I can't and don't want to believe it, but my senior year in high school is finally going to come to an end. I've learned so much from this past school year I feel as if I changed as a person. I've been willing to do more things compared to my previous years. I am more open minded to situations and topics. Reason being the several different exercises we have done together in this class. Like the current health issues and our personal lives after alked about earlier in the semester. Trust. Its very hard to gain trust and even harder gain back someones trust. You seemed to have confidence in everyone of your students and seemed to trust in our decisions. But I'm not sure if I deserved your trust. To me it seems that I have let you down and your expectations of me as a student a part of Open Source Learning. For that I say I'm sorry to have let you down. On another note, each person has something or someone that drives them to do or be something great. Throughout the course of this schoolyear, I have rekindled a passion of mine which is helping people in need. It took me longer than I had anticipated but it worked out in the end. I will be attending classes at Allan Hancock College in order to prepare myself for actual EMS classes, if I get accepted into the program. Something made me laugh out loud was how we treated the class. Now I don't mean I thought this class was a joke, but how us as students were able to change the course, or as you'd probably say hack. I enjoyed teaching my colleagues about the subjects that were supposed to becovered in a regular style class. For example, the value of a life. Me and a group were able to go into detail about the subject and then give our own proper opinions on the subject. If there was one theme or idea that all the masterpiece projects it would have to be flow theory. I had just learned about it recently when Shane Cheverez brought it up in his presentation. What I got was that flow theory is putting all your focus into one single thing your doing, or being in sync with what you are doing. Everyone was passionate about what they talked about, whether it was Jorge Garcia and breakdancing or Bobby Rucobo and Xavier Navarro's clothing line. A technique that I liked was Veronica Cavazos' where she asked for feedback from the audience. Not everyone did that, and only spoke about their masterpiece. .i.The last time I talked about the hero's journey was back in my freshman year learning about Odysseus. Compared to him, I've had much easier life. But seriously I'm not sure if I had a complete hero's journey. Sure I've had my good days and my bad days, but nothing too bad that I couldn't handle. I did find a mentor, I've known him most of my life, but he was the one who help me realize my goal of becoming an EMT. In the end, I believe that my life has changed for the better. I'm sure that I am not the only on that feels that way. So from myself and everyone in the class you Dr.Preston.


For those of you who missed my presentation in class earlier this week, here is a link to my prezi.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Fiction Analysis: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

  1. Robert Louis Stevenson's story revolves around the point of view of Gabriel Utterson, a lawyer. As he tries to discover the problems of his fellow friend Dr. Henry Jekyll, and a murder case involving a suspect named Edward Hyde. As the story continues, we find out slightly more information about the two and how they relate.  At the climax of the story, it is assumed that Mr. Hyde had murdered Dr. Jekyll, and locked himself in Jekyll's home. They find Mr. Hyde had killed himself, and with Dr. Jekyll no where to be find. However it was discovered that Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll were the same person based off letters that Utterson read from Dr. Lanard and Dr. Jekyll.
  2. One of the themes that I got from this story is the problems of addiction. The concoction/potion that Jekyll would drink would allow him to morph into Hyde. Even after he told himself that he would quit turning back into Hyde, he still did it. Until at one point he couldn't change back into his regular self.
  3. Stevenson's uses both a mysterious and unsettling tone.
    1. "The last, I think; for O my poor old Harry Jekyll, if ever I read Satan's signature upon a face, it is on that of your new friend." - Gabriel Utterson
    2. "...and then came the horrible part of the thing; for the man trampled calmly over the child's body and left her screaming on the ground." - Richard Enfield
    3. "...and in that case, can we venture to declare this suicide? O, we must be careful. i foresee that we may yet involve your master in some dire catastrophe." - Gabriel Utterson
  4. Literary Elements/Techniques:
    1. Symbolism - Concoction/potion symbolizes a form of addiction.
    2. Oxymoron - "...trampled calmly..." - Richard Enfield/Page.6
    3. Irony - It is ironic that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are the same person because they have two completely different features and characteristics.
    4. Point of View - Third person, limited
    5. Setting - England in the late 1800s
    6. Genre - Thriller, Mystery, Drama
    7. Allusion - "'I incline to Cain's heresy,' he used to say quaintly: 'i let my brother go to the devil in his own way.'" Refers to Cain and Abel of the Bible.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Valentina Alvarado ( I can see a lot of her own personality expressed in her blog. For example, the color font she uses. I can't remember the last time I saw Tina turn in an assignment without there being some type of color in it. 9/10

Maggie Guia ( I like what she did by using Tumblr instead of using the generic Blogspot that everyone uses. She has all of her assignments organized in her archive section. Font is a little too small, but besides that it looks good. 8/10

Matt Reynolds ( Matt seems very open with expressing his opinions. Like the fact that he added a bio, and a link to his Twitter page in order to keep up with his activities. It seems as if he is keeping his blog up to date. 8/10

Alina Ramirez ( I like the ideas she expressed in one of her most recent post, where we must live on making decisions and how they will effect us. Just like me, she needs to update her blog. 7/10

Daniel Alvarez ( For Daniel's blog I was expecting him to take about his passion, food. The font and the background are almost the same color, so it makes it a little hard to read. 7/10

Monday, February 17, 2014


Behoovesit is a duty or responsibility for someone to do something
Extremitiesthe furthest point or limit of something
Immobilization - fixation of a body part in order to promote proper healing
Outpacego, rise, or improve faster than
Anatomythe branch of science concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals, and other living organisms
Physiologythe branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts
Paramedica person who is trained to do medical work, esp. emergency first aid, but is not usually a fully qualified physician
Interpersonalof or relating to relationships or communication between people
Techniciana person employed to look after technical equipment or do practical work in a laboratory
Adaptivecharacterized by or given to adaptation
Intravenous Therapy is the infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein
Traumaa deeply distressing or disturbing experience
Echocardiograms test of the action of the heart using ultrasound waves to produce a visual display, used for the diagnosis or monitoring of heart disease
Practicalof or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas
Esotericintended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest
Cornerstonea stone that forms the base of a corner of a building, joining two walls
Synthesiscombination or composition, in particular
Analoguea person or thing seen as comparable to another
Emblazonedconspicuously inscribe or display (a design) on something
Chlorinationthe addition or substitution of chlorine in organic compounds