Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Valentina Alvarado ( I can see a lot of her own personality expressed in her blog. For example, the color font she uses. I can't remember the last time I saw Tina turn in an assignment without there being some type of color in it. 9/10

Maggie Guia ( I like what she did by using Tumblr instead of using the generic Blogspot that everyone uses. She has all of her assignments organized in her archive section. Font is a little too small, but besides that it looks good. 8/10

Matt Reynolds ( Matt seems very open with expressing his opinions. Like the fact that he added a bio, and a link to his Twitter page in order to keep up with his activities. It seems as if he is keeping his blog up to date. 8/10

Alina Ramirez ( I like the ideas she expressed in one of her most recent post, where we must live on making decisions and how they will effect us. Just like me, she needs to update her blog. 7/10

Daniel Alvarez ( For Daniel's blog I was expecting him to take about his passion, food. The font and the background are almost the same color, so it makes it a little hard to read. 7/10

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